Isagenix Reviews – Product B Telomere Support

Isagenix Reviews

This is the first of several Isagenix Reviews we hope to publish in the near future. Why? Because Isagenix has a reputation as a leader in whole body nutrition and cleansing, and are market leaders for new and innovative products. Their latest offering, Product B is making news around the world because of its claim to support Telomeres, and in turn control the speed at which we age. 

Telomeres and Aging

Good nutrition, exercise and reduced stress are just part of the aging puzzle.  Research has shown that accelerated aging can be broken down into four key areas: exposure to toxins, obesity, stress and poor nutrition.  As these mechanisms play out in your body, they trigger complex biological reactions that negatively affect healthy longevity and youthful aging. 

Telomeres  have been in the news a lot lately.  In 2009, three scientists were awarded a Nobel Prize for their telomere research and their affect on aging. 

The human body consists of tiny structures called chromosomes which are long strands of DNA that are in charge of all the processes that take place in our body.  They basically hold all our genetic information. What is a telomere and how might it help? A telomere is the protective cap located at the end of a chromosome.

isagenix reviewAt the end of each chromosome there is a telomere.  The telomere’s function is to protect the chromosome from damage. Our body’s cells are constantly dividing and each time a cell divides our precious telomeres get a tiny bit shorter and eventually some of it is lost. 

So as our body ages our telomeres may not do their job as well as they once did in our youth. 

Scientists are only in the early stages of understanding the complex intracacies that cause aging.  However, there are some aging factors that we can control:

  • Lack of regular daily exercise
  • Bad eating habits. Eating toxic food and not feeding the body vital healthy nutrients
  • Being overweight and/or obese
  • Lack of regular sleep patterns
  • Inflammation and/or silent inflammation
  • High levels of stress

What is Isagenix?

Isagenix is an international front runner in whole body nutritional cleansing, cellular replenishing and youthful aging.  Isagenix provides ultimate transformation system products which help combat the toxins in our environment, help improve your body’s composition and help slow your body’s aging process.  Product B is the newest Isagenix breakthrough. 

Product B Antioxidants plus Telomere Support goes beyond surface symptoms and targets the ultimate causes of aging.  Just imagine adding life to your years with an increased feeling of youth, health and vitality. 

What is Product B?

Product B is the newest Isagenix breakthrough containing Telomere Support.
Product B goes beyond surface symptoms and targets the ultimate causes of aging.  Just imagine adding life to your years with an increased feeling of youth, health and vitality. 

Product B with Telomere Support

Product B positively supports telomere health by combining scientific breakthroughs in telomere support and the benefits of antioxidants in youthful aging. Product B helps maintain youthful function of cells and healthy telomeres so you can live a longer, healthier life.
Product B’s full spectrum of natural bioactive antioxidants helps fight the effects of free radicals and oxidative stress, which can accelerate aging and contribute to poor health. Read more at

Learn more about Product B with Telomere Support

Isagenix Reviews

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The Link Between Obesity and Cancer

Obesity and Cancer – The Risks

Written by Ultimate Lifespan April 14, 2012

Obesity and Cancer are closely related and the mechanisms behind this could well be associated with the causes of obesity in the first place.

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know that obesity is associated with an increased risk of developing heart disease, but what about cancer? Does obesity increase your risk of cancer too? And if so, which cancers and why?

42% of all breast and colon cancers diagnosed are among obese people

Obesity and Breast Cancer

Obesity and CancerPrior to menopause, obesity does not appear to raise the risk of developing breast cancer, but after menopause, the story changes. Remember too, that statistically, more women are diagnosed with breast cancer after menopause and/or later in life. Women who are obese have are one and a half more times likely to develop breast cancer after menopause than women who are of healthy weights.

The primary reason is likely the difference in estrogen levels. Estrogen naturally drops in women after menopause. Breast cancer is often estrogen-responsive, in other words, excessive estrogen levels can fuel the breast cancer cells and advance them more quickly. Women who are obese carry extra estrogen in their fat cells. After menopause, the levels of estrogen drop so these fat cells release the estrogen in response to the drop. This could be why obese women may develop breast cancer after menopause more than their slimmer counterparts.

Diets high in fat are associated with an increased risk of developing breast cancer and of course, a diet high in fat can also lead to weight gain and eventually, obesity. So many factors go hand in hand.

Possibly more frightening is that obese women are more likely to die from breast cancer than slimmer women who also have breast cancer. One reason could be that the tumors are detected at later stages. It’s more difficult to detect tumors at early stages in obese women. Another reason could be the overall unhealthy state of an obese woman’s body compared to a woman who has maintained a healthier weight throughout life.

Cancer and the means to fight cancer are very hard on the human body. A person who is obese may be in a very unhealthy state when diagnosed with cancer. Over the years, diet and lifestyle choices may have lead to not only the weight gain, but a number of underlying health conditions such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Lack of proper nutrition such as eating plenty of vegetables and whole grains may have taken its toll on the body making it more difficult for a person who is obese to survive yet another disease such as breast cancer.

Obesity and Cancer of the Colon

Here’s where obesities impact on the development of cancer affects men. Although there is not a significant association between obesity and cancer of the colon cancer in women, there has been consistent evidence that a high BMI in men, particularly those with excessive abdominal fat, increases their risk of developing colon cancer. Colon cancer occurs more frequently in obese people overall.

One reason why obesity in women may not raise the risk of colon cancer as much as it does for men is the way in which the excess fat is distributed. Women tend to gain more weight in the hips, thighs and buttocks whereas men who are obese tend to have excess stomach fat. The excess stomach fat is suspect in the increased risk of colon cancer due to the increased levels of insulin and insulin related growth factors in people who have large amounts of abdominal fat. These levels may encourage colon cancer tumor growth.

And just as seen with breast cancer, there are many correlated factors when it comes to obesity and unhealthy effect it has on the body, as do the dietary and lifestyle choices. Many people who are obese consume unhealthy diets that are low in natural substances known to fight colon cancer.

Fiber is one of these and its intake is frequently low in people who are obese as well as people with colon cancer. Fiber cleanses the digestive tract of toxins and dried fecal matter that can both lead to the development of colon cancer.

Moreover, a diet high in fiber is almost always high in phytochemicals that can fight cancer and help reduce weight at the same time. Natural sources of fiber and phytochemicals are vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds, and more often than not, a person who is obese has probably not been consuming enough of these healthy foods and too many of the unhealthy foods that can lead to the development of cancer.

Does Obesity Raise the Risk of ANY Cancer?

As you’ve just seen with breast and colon cancer, obesity and cancer are very closely related and the mechanisms behind this raised risk could very well be associated with the causes of obesity in the first place. The fact is, consuming an unhealthy diet has a hugely negative effect on overall health. Obesity is just one of the many problems associated with eating too much of the bad foods and not enough of the good foods.

Ultimately, cancer develops as a result of mutated cells that begin to grow uncontrollably and take over healthy tissue. Destroying healthy tissue results in a eventual organ and system failure, which is what eventually can take the life of the person suffering from cancer. The goal of any cancer treatment is to stop the cancer from growing and quite simply, getting the cancer out of the body.

The goal of cancer prevention is to keep the mutated cells from forming in the first place. Although you simply cannot control your genetic predisposition to developing cancer, you can do quite a bit to protect your body from cancer and this needs to happen at the cellular level.

Many of the same methods of reducing cellular damage can also boost your weight loss efforts. Phytochemicals found in natural plant sources can fight free radical damage at the cellular level and help prevent the formation of mutated cells. Some phytochemicals have even been found to reduce tumor growth. In addition, phytochemicals and their sources can help you lose weight by increasing metabolism, decreasing fat formation and decreasing appetite.

Some of the very best sources of phytochemicals to help you lose weight are Caralluma fimbriata, green tea extract, cayenne, theobromine and resveratrol, all ingredients found in Ultimate Trim.

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Sources: Obesity Trends Among US Adults, CDC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System; The Cancer Project, “How Other Phytochemicals Protect Against Cancer”

Some of the very best sources of phytochemicals to help you lose weight and protect the body from cancer at the cellular level are Caralluma fimbriata, green tea extract, cayenne, theobromine and resveratrol, all ingredients found in Ultimate Trim.

Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets

Anti-Aging Beauty SecretsClick Image To Visit Site“Leon’s Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets” is a comprehensive compilation of beauty care secrets that has the power to change your life. Inside you will find an incredible array of  Natural, Healthy skin care recipes that are guaranteed to make you look and feel UP TO 15 YEARS YOUNGER!

How can one simple book make such an impact on your life you ask? Leon herself has dedicated the past decade of her life researching, analyzing and experimenting with different beauty care solutions and recipes. Through this dedicated research, she has compiled a complete list of the most effective and life-altering beauty secrets you will find anywhere, guaranteed! And now, she is willing to share these exclusive anti-aging secrets with YOU!
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Anti Aging with Product B

Anti Aging with Isagenix Product B

New anti aging scientific research regarding Telomeres is making Isagenix‘s new Product B a household name. Discover what Product B can do for you in this exclusive video presentation.


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Anti Aging

Anti Aging Isagenix Product B  Discovery

This product has HUGE potential from a marketing point of view and will no doubt become a household name. If all the information about Product B was simply coming from the marketing department of a company I would be skeptical to say the very least. However, when you look at all the sources of information about Product B; ABC News, The Wall Street Journal, Life Extension Magazine, Sierra Sciences, Oprah Winfrey, Nobel Prize for Medicine, Journals of Gerontology and more you would like most people realize this potentially is one of the biggest discoveries in the history of mankind. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that a product with the potential to extend life has the potential to dwarf the sales of every other product in the history of the Direct Selling Industry. 

Anti Aging is a Really Big Deal! Think about how successful the launches of Noni Juice and Xango and Goji and Monavie were. Each of these companies had some very dramatic even sky-rocketing growth. This growth was largely due to some good stories about the history of the product, etc. Sure these products obviously were good or they wouldn’t have sold so well. But none of these products or companies will have the science or Anti Aging benefits of Product B

If after viewing the video (above) and discovering the Anti Aging benefits of Isagenix Product B you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, click the following link to take you directly to the Isagenix Independent Associate online enrollment page so that you can begin marketing Product B.


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