Spirulina Sale – While Stocks Last

Chlorella Fella is having a Spirulina Sale! Spirulina promotes health in many ways. It powerfully protects from oxidant stress and strongly supports the immune system and a healthy inflammatory response.

Spirulina tablets in these sizes:

1 Pack – 1,000 250mg tablets
2 Pack – 2,000 250mg tablets
4 Pack – 4,000 250mg tablets
8 Pack – 8,000 250mg tablets

Check out the prices. You will rarely see Spirulina at these low, low prices

FREE Shipping to Virginia, United States

Spirulina TabletsYou may already be taking Chlorella but I would suggest taking both. At least give it a try. Each of the products have their own advantages.

Spirulina Platensis is nutritionally superior to other strains of Spirulina. It has been found to be one of the most potent whole foods known. Being packed full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids makes it an excellent source of protein (60%). Spirulina is extremely energizing and is a rich source of iron.


Here is the link to the Spirulina Sale page.

As always shipping Worldwide is included.

Spirulina Sale

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