Lucid dreaming (the ability to become consciously aware while you’re dreaming) allows you to literally “wake up” in your dreams and take control of them.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucidity creates a high-definition dream world, where everything you see, hear, feel, smell and taste can be as vivid as waking life. And your lucid awareness in the dream allows you to think, talk and act – knowing that you’re dreaming – and interact with the dream world in any way you want!

Lucid dreaming is not just about living out your wildest fantasies. You can also use it to improve your waking life and reach personal goals such as:

Lucid Dreaming

IMPROVE YOUR CREATIVITY exploring the dreamscape. Discover unseen works of Dali in your dream gallery, compose beautiful piano music with Mozart, or direct a movie with Spielberg. Your dreaming mind has huge creative potential.

OVERCOME YOUR PHOBIAS by facing them down in the safety of the lucid dream world. Overcome your fear of heights – or make friends with a pet tarantula. This is a safe place to realign your deepest beliefs and overcome irrational fears.

TALK TO YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND via dream figures, animals, or even the dream itself. Have profound, life-changing conversations with your subconscious mind and access the best therapist in the world – your inner self.

Every week, I get countless emails and requests for help, because frustrated dreamers just can’t tap into lucid dreaming. They get frustrated… and give up.

It’s true that lucid dreaming can seem damn near impossible if you go about it the wrong way. It’s like trying to play piano with one hand behind your back. Or riding a bike with your eyes closed. Why suffer such handicaps?

Because that’s exactly what you’re doing if you lack the right tuition, the right techniques, and the right… Read more…

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