Grow Wheatgrass, and receive many benefits from using it.

Faster, Easier and Cleaner Methods to Grow Wheatgrass, You Won’t Find In the Books.

The Nutrient Density in One Ounce of Wheatgrass is Equivalent to 2.5 pounds of the choicest vegetables.

Grow Wheatgrass

Grow Wheatgrass yourself for 2-8 cents an oz. instead of paying juice bars $1.80 – $3.60 an ounce!

No green thumb required. Anyone can Grow Wheatgrass and it takes less than 30 seconds a day.

You don’t need a yard or a garden. Everything can be done indoors.

You can easily grow the most nutrient dense, natural, absorbable supplement on the face of the earth and it’s literally dirt cheap.

What’s Inside in the Wheatgrass video course?

  • Grow WheatgrassThe simple supplies you will need and where to get them.
  • What kind of seeds to look for and where to get them cheaper.
  • What is the best soil to use?
  • How to soak your wheat berries in different seasons.
  • When to rinse your wheat berries.
  • The easiest and cleanest set up for jar placement.
  • The fastest and most convenient planting tips.
  • Discover the amount of sunlight and fresh air that you need.
  • Learn different watering techniques that are easier and cleaner than what you will find in the books.
  • Where and why for the different placement of your wheatgrass trays.
  • Different techniques to grow wheatgrass during the cold months.
  • Know when to harvest your wheatgrass.
  • Learn where to make the most optimal cut during harvest so that you gain the maximum amount of liquids and nutrients from your wheatgrass.
  • Learn which juicers to use and which ones are a waist of money.
  • See several ways you can use this fine medicine on your scalp, cuts, and scrapes.
  • Learn how to use wheatgrass for whiter teeth and for healing your mouth and gums. (I have seen faster gum reparation using these methods than anything else. I performed several experiments with these methods and I guarantee you won’t find this information anywhere. Try these before your next dentist visit and watch your dentist fall out of his chair. Especially those with Periodontitis (Gum Disease).
  • Discover how to clear your sinuses with wheatgrass.
  • Tips for fasting and drinking wheatgrass.
  • How to use it for enemas.
  • Know about your wheatgrass volatility and how to store it.
  • Learn the best time to drink your wheatgrass.
  • How to grow it in different seasons and which are the best.
  • You will also learn many personal experience tips and tricks you can use to help you with your wheatgrass process.
  • And last but not least, once you view the course you can personally email me and I will be there to help you out if you run into any problems whatsoever. 

The Most Powerful Health Supplement/Medication that’s literally dirt-cheap when you Grow Wheatgrass yourself.


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