30 Days to Feel Better From Fibromyalgia; A BookClick Image To Visit SiteI say don’t believe a word I say about fibromyalgia, because most people who find relief after reading my book and following alternative paths like this one have already discovered on their own that the doctors can’t help them, the pain medicines eventually stop working, and nothing else HELPS!

They already know there’s no other choice than to fix the things that cause fibro FOR REAL, and my book just helps put everything together for them.

I honestly don’t want to convince anybody that drugs and doctors and surgery are not the answer to the fibromyalgia. That’s too hard. I want to help the people who are already CONVINCED figure out what to do now.

I believe you could get hit on the head tonight, wake up with amnesia tomorrow, and not know who you are or anything about your pain or your issues or your life, and your body would still be a painful, glued-together, and chronically-tight mess.

But, you don’t need to get amnesia. I reversed fibromyalgia, and I have written a book that lays out every technique, exercise, supplement, food, medicine, and habit that helped me do that.

You may not be able to reverse Fibromyalgia in a day … but you can start to FEEL BETTER in just days. I’m sure of it.

And once you learn all the techniques in my book that help you FEEL BETTER, and make them a habit, you will KNOW how to reverse Fibromyalgia in your own body. Eventually, you will feel so much BETTER, that you won’t think you have fibromyalgia anymore. How long? Well, I believe that depends on your body. The process is unique to everyone, depending on how long they’ve had fibromyalgia, what their resources and stressors are, and how their body responds to the process.

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