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The PurEnema Kit by Seeking Health is the ultimate in colon cleansing for the home or professional use. It is the only Enema Kit providing all medical-grade silicone enema parts with the safety of food-grade stainless steel. For those needing colon cleansing, the PurEnema Kit by Seeking Health provides safety, purity, comfort, style, functionality and durability. The BPA-free PurEnema kit is completely hygenic and safe for your health, along with being easy to clean and care for. Regular cleansing with enemas helps to: Reduce toxic accumulation in your body, reduce inflammation, relieve constipation, encourage smooth and regular bowel movements. Enemas are part of effective natural treatment for Ulcerative Colitis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Crohn’s Disease or Chronic Diverticulitis. Use this PurEnema Kit to provide Retention Enemas in non-bleeding situations. The PurEnema Kit features latex-free 100% medical grade Silicone tubing, nozzles and connectors. The Stainless Steel 2.5 quart PurEnema Bucket is made from 304 stainless steel which is not only durable but extremely safe to use. The PurEnema Bucket will last you a lifetime. All of the enema kit parts are completely reusable as they are made from non-toxic materials. They can also be replaced for a low price. This feature reduces impact on our environment – and your wallet. The PurEnema Stainless Steel Enema Kit makes it easy to perform an unassisted home enema without the high cost or messiness of older home enema kits. Your PurEnema Kit includes: One 2.5 Quart food-grade Stainless Steel Enema Bucket, 6 feet long x 11mm diameter medical-grade silicone tubing with clamp, 36 inch long x 11mm diamter (36Fr) medical-grade silicone colon tube, 5 inch x 8 to 15 mm diameter medical-grade silicone retention enema tip, 2.5 inch x 8 mm diameter medical-grade silicone straight enema tip, and a instructional booklet written by Dr. Ben.

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Customer Reviews

Save yourself a trip to the Gastro and get this enema

 February 1, 2012
By M. Darnall "mary mary"
I purchased this enema kit to preform on my 4 year old with stool impaction. I followed the GAPs protocall and used distiller water, boiled it and brought it down to 85 degrees and added a cultuelle probiotic to the water. Worked great, I did not use the catheter, just the rectal tip. My son is doing great after 2. After his first it was amazing how much it helped. Always follow with a starch & banana free diet for the next few days.
Make sure you let some of the water run thru the tip and them clamp it when all of the bubbles are out. I actually was able to get 1 full liter of water in on my son the first time. I tried it on myself and was only able to get a liter of water in comfortably. I bought an extra tip set from the company for myself. I tried a natual lubricant but found that a petroleum product makes the procedure more comfortable. I wish I had purchased this years ago. You definately need two sets of hand when doing this on a child. I put the iPad on his favorite show and have my husband hold him in position while I monitor the fluids. You have to watch the bucket to make sure it does not run out of water. Letting air into the colon is not a good idea. I run provide through the tube after and let it air dry over the shower door. I scrub the tip and soak it in proxide after each use then let it air dry.

Enema Kit

Hope this helps. Buy this product before you have an emergency. An emergency enema is expensive and not private or like doing one at home!

The ONLY healthy enema kit on the market! Highest recommendation.

 May 1, 2012
By Lincoln
I’ve been doing water fasting, juice fasting, herbal detox cleanses, etc for over 15 years. I have worked as a nutrition & health consultant at numerous alternative medicine centers and even a colonics center. So I have some experience in this field. After using various enema buckets (plastic and metal), tubes and inserts (plastic, latex and natural rubber), and slant boards, I gave this one a try. The reason being is that the materials used in this kit are of the highest quality available. I’ll go into each now…


This is the only food grade stainless steel bucket I’ve found. Even most stainless steel enema buckets use shiny coating that contain tin, nickel or other toxic heavy metals. Placing coffee, urine (an sterile cleansing agent), and various organic oils in a plastic or coated metal buckets can cause chemical reactions that absorb the buckets’ toxins into the enema liquid. Anything that is placed directly into the intestines via the enema bypasses the body’s standard food toxin defense system: smell, taste, and stomach. So it is very important to use only pure water (distilled, RO or filtered) and pure food products.


The tubes in this kit are made from medical grade silicon – the least toxic of any enema tube that I’ve found. Compared to the standard plastic or PVC tubes, these are more pliable and lighter in weight. Very high quality feel.


This kit includes 3 medical grade silicon tips: the larger is part of the 36 inch tube and 2 separate smaller white silicon tips. In the past I used natural rubber tips. I find the natural rubber to work very well and find it equally as comfortable as the two smaller white tips in this kit. The smaller white silicon tips in this kit are very soft and flexible – more so than the rubber tips (not part of this kit).

In this kit is a silicon insert that is part of the shorter silicon tube. This silicon tube is really great and is what I use in this kit. The silicon is very soft, much softer than my rubber tips, and is part of the 36 inch tube – which means no potential leak problems or accidental disconnections.

As stated in the included instruction book, the 36 inch silicon tip works best for high enemas, coffee enemas and retention enemas (probiotics, oils, herbs) because the flow holes are larger and the tube is one piece silicon. For these styles of enema the tube/tips is inserted 6 or more inches. Both plastic tips are only a few inches in length and have smaller holes. These work best for water enemas because they need only shallow insertion and a slower flow rate.


The clamp in this kit works very well and is secure with no leakage. Using it is very simple, although may require a little more effort than some other designs. I find it easy to use one hand to operate this clamp when using the enema. A female client of mine has told me that the clip is a little to difficult to work when she needs to stop and start the flow during use. I can see why she has trouble because the effort needed may be a little much.


The kit contains absolutely incredible instructions – seriously. For anyone new to enemas the included instruction book is all that you would need. It includes assembly instructions, water/coffee/probiotic instructions from start to finish, descriptions for the different body positions and recommendations when to use which, and a little bit of health advice. I was greatly impressed by the quality of the information here.


There are 3 different tube and tip configurations for this kit. Using the 6 foot tube with the 36 inch tube/tip. Using the 6 foot tube with one of the 3 plastic tips. Or using the 36 inch tube/tip alone. Each has their specific advantage when used during a specific type of enema: standard water, high enema, coffee enema, retention enemas.

Overall this is the perfect enema kit for me. I have discarded my old plastic kit and plan to use this as my regular kit. Everything about this kit is very well designed and uses the least toxic materials available. I am very impressed with the quality of the kit and instructions… and love that so many tips were provided. This is the kit that I recommend to all my clients and “health nut” friends.

Works like a charm

 March 27, 2012
By momtothree
This was God sent. We had started the GAPS diet and some needed it for that. Others needed it because we were backed up before the GAPS diet. It washes easy. It works for coffee and just plain water. When the silicon tubing starts to get stuck in the clamp and won’t open all the way, just move the clamp (while open) to a different section of tubing. We don’t use the hanger. We put it on the windowsill in the bathroom and it gravity feeds to the floor. A person can do it on their own very easy. Even children as young as preteens. Much easier to use than the ones from the grocery store.

Would Give it 5 Stars But…

 June 15, 2012
By Trina
This is exactly as described and expected with on exception. As soon as I purchased this, I received an email from the manufacturer stating that the spiggot that connects the container to the house could rust, and to email the manufacturer back if this happens in order to get a replacement part. It rusted the very first use, so emailed the manufacturer immediately telling them so. It’s been TWO MONTHS, and I still have not heard back from the manufacturer nor have I received the replacement part.

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