Brain health is one of today’s biggest health topics. There is an enormous amount of information almost daily from research showing us ways to improve our brain performance to reduce the risk of serious memory disorders, and delay the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer’s. But what exactly are we supposed to do?

Brain HealthExperts give us many ideas on what we should do to boost our brain health. Some of the advice we hear may seem surprising, like doing crossword puzzles, playing Sudoku, etc.

Others support old-fashioned medical advice on staying healthy that sometimes feels a bit mundane, but also turns out to be critical to long-term brain wellness. In fact, you may have already started on the path to better brain health without even knowing it.

Better Sleep. Better Brain. Rest Assured.

There is no doubt that correct nutrition, regular exercise, and plenty of quality sleep are conducive to brain function. But what else can we do to support our brain health?

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Anyone can benefit from the advantages of better, more restful sleep and it is never too early to start giving our brains everything it needs to build a long, healthy and sustained life. New studies show cognitive brain decline starts at around age 35.

Research has traditionally targeted individuals over 60. However, recent research has shown that mental decline can begin earlier in life 30’s or 40’s then by age 60 the degree of cognitive decline is drastically more severe possibly even irreversible. The possibility that mental decline may occur across all ages requires that you support healthy adult brain function, regardless of age or circumstance.

Sobering numbers. Our world is getting older. The Earth’s population of people over 60 will soar to an estimated two billion by 2050!  About half of the over 50 population admits to some form of memory loss. Our growing and rapidly aging population is likely to see a matching rise in age-related cognitive decline.

Our brains are burning out. As we age, our brain health declines naturally go through physical and functional changes that impair our memory, our ability to learn and our capacity to retain new information. This natural decline in cognitive function is the result of reduced cell activity and oxidative stress that further accelerates brain aging causing further cognitive decline.

Brain Health Suffering

Life in the 21st century has become complicated. Today, we all have too many distractions, with too little time and not enough of ourselves to go around. Most of us are getting up too early and going to bed far too late if at all. These heightened levels of stress and worry, coupled with lack of restful slumber are destroying the one organ you can never reclaim once it’s lost. Your brain.

Brain Health SupportThat’s why we’ve created the Isagenix Brain and Sleep Support System; a total brain health and sleep support program that complements our existing Isagenix whole-body wellness lifestyle. It combines two powerful and effective products engineered to promote optimal brain function and normal sleep cycles.

The proven power of vigorous brain-boosting nutrients combined with a powerful melatonin and nutrient complex spray, makes the Isagenix® Brain and Sleep Support System an ideal way to achieve restful sleep while supporting healthy brain function. It’s a total brain and sleep support system that puts you and your concerns to rest.

The Isagenix Brain and Sleep Support System is the first of its kind in the world to address the comprehensive problems of cognitive decline and poor sleep.

Brain Boost & Renewal contains potent doses of ingredients designed to increase cognitive function and support cerebral blood flow. Formulated by Dr. Michael Colgan, this proprietary formulation is a comprehensive neuroprotective tool for promoting healthy aging and improved brain function.

Sleep Support & Renewal is a unique, drug-free formula free from troubling side effects such as tolerance, dependency, withdrawal symptoms or next-day drowsiness. Unlike other melatonin products, Sleep Support & Renewal contains a proprietary blend, including the relaxing agent L-theanine that supports mental clarity and focus.

The two products were both developed to address specific health trends identified as severe obstacles on our path toward healthy, youthful aging and optimal brain health. By combining the benefits of Brain Boost & Renewal with the positive, potent effects of Sleep Support & Renewal, along with a Isagenix nutritional cleansing and replenishing system, you get the combined advantage of having a total brain-boosting and sleep-supporting nutrient infusion that will go a long way in promoting a healthy aging lifestyle.

Optimizing Brain Nutrition

In collaboration with Isagenix scientists, my research has focussed on brain nutrition.  We reviewed more than 1,000 recent animal studies and human clinical trials that have identified a number of individual nutrients that support different parts of brain function. A few of these trials have found combinations of nutrients that work synergistically.  That is, combining the nutrients multiplies their power to support brain function beyond the use of individual nutrients alone. Unlike other companies, who have focussed on one or two individual nutrients to support one or two brain functions, we have sought the best synergistic combinations.

From the most significant research we have devised synergistic combinations of eight nutrients to provide potent and wide ranging support of the multiple brain structures and functions discussed above. We have completed 60-day pilot clinical trials on normal human subjects with the best three formulations we could devise.  Using standardized tests of mental focus, concentration, decision making, and memory, all three trials showed positive effects.  One formulation proved slightly better, and we selected that as the basis of the new Isagenix Brain Support

It is designed to provide nutrition for optimum brain health, and also specifically designed to complement IsaLean Shakes, and Ageless Essentials with Product B

There is no other product comparable to Isagenix Brain and Sleep Support System available anywhere.

About Dr. Colgan

Dr. Michael Colgan is a world-renowned research scientist, leading expert in the inhibition of aging, and a member of the Isagenix Science Advisory Board. Dr. Colgan has provided nutrition, training and anti-aging programs to more than 11,000 athletes, including many Olympians. He is director of his eponymous Colgan Institute, a consulting, educational and research facility concerned with the effects of nutrition and exercise on athletic performance, along with prevention of chronic degenerative disease, and prevention of degeneration of the brain. To read more articles by Dr. Colgan, click on one of the following links:

Brain Health

“It’s never too early or late to start giving our brain everything it needs to build a long, healthy and sustained life. The Brain and Sleep Support System is the best investment you will ever make in the future for your brain health.”

Dr. Michael Colgan, Ph.D., CCN - Formulator of Brain Boost & Renewal

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Brain Health and Sleep Support System

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