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Dr Siegried Othmer found that using Binaural Frequencies increased IQ up to 23%. Dr Othmer also reported dramatic improvements in the subjects’ visual retention (memory), auditory memory, reading and arithmetic.

The Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine reported that subjects who used Binaural Frequencies had a decrease in anxiety, and an increase in the quality of life.

Waldkoetter and Sanders research reported that Binaural Frequencies decreased symptoms of depression in alcoholic test subjects which led to greater recovery efforts with 12 step programs.

A research paper by Tina L Huang, PHD, and Christine Charyton, PHD, covered 20 peer reviewed studies and concluded that Binaural Frequencies are an effective therapeutic tool.

People suffering from cognitive functioning deficits, stress, pain, headaches & migraines, PMS and other behavioural problems all benefited from using Binaural Frequencies.

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